Try these Beauty and Skincare Routines while Working from Home

Your pre-work from the home ritual is equally as necessary as your regular cup of coffee when it comes to increasing your productivity.

A brief exercise or a nutritious breakfast might give you a great start, but don’t forget to protect your skin before sitting down in front of the computer.

Try these beauty and skincare routines while working from home to save time in the morning and keep your skin glowing.

1. Wear a face mask while replying to emails

Nothing beats a deep pore cleaning mask for removing dirt, an exfoliating mask for removing dead skin cells, or a brightening sheet mask for preventing the appearance of any dark spots caused by the sun. Put it on your face and go about your business as usual.

It’ll take around 20 minutes, and if you’re using a sheet mask, toss it away and let the extra air dry once you are done. If you’re using a cleaning mask, wipe it off after it dries. If you can do this at least three times a week, your skin will glow brighter!

2. Apply a hair mask and wrap it up for more thickness

If you’re a busy bee, using a hair mask is a must. If you’re often on the go, wrapping your hair in the mask and letting it soak for hours isn’t the most practical option. It’s time to break it out now that you probably sit in front of your laptop for hours!

Your hair may be stressed due to heat styling, new hairstyles, or exposure to the elements. On the other hand, hair masks can assist in preventing hair breakage and make your hair feel healthier.

Before you leave the shower in the morning, shampoo your hair and apply the hair mask. Then tightly wrap it and keep it on while you work.

3. Keep an eye out for any outbreaks and treat them

The majority of individuals testify to the effectiveness of pimple patches in treating acne outbreaks.

These tiny, transparent stickers that you place on a pimple absorb excess fluid and draw out “superficial debris” from within the outbreak. It even aids in the flattening and healing of cystic acne. This is true for acne spot treatment creams as well.

So, if you woke up with a severe zit on your face, apply the acne patch or cream on the pimple and leave it there. Because, now that you work from home, no one will judge the stickers and cream on your face.

4. Use a facial oil to provide moisture

If the idea of applying oils on your skin makes you think of highly severe breakouts, you need to reconsider. Leading dermatologists say that face oils might be the missing piece in your beauty routine.

Other stated advantages, such as anti-inflammatory or antioxidant qualities, may occur spontaneously depending on the kind of oil — jojoba, maracuja, coconut, argan, tea tree, and so on.

The main advantage that the oil provides is its moisturizing properties. However, some of these oils might be a little heavy on the skin. You can put it on without feeling like a grease ball now that you’re make-up-free at home.

This is recommended for audio-only conference calls, with a hands-free headset, of course. You don’t want your skin looking too oily during a Zoom meeting.

5. Use your face roller with one hand while surfing with the mouse using the other hand

Face-rollers are another tool to utilize while working from home. One hand on the laptop mouse, the other, of course, rolling your face. The face-roller has become a beauty necessity Because it can de-puff, tighten up, and deep treat your skin.

These paint-roller-style instruments are generally made of jade, rose quartz, or another crystal. They are designed to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins, alleviate muscular tension, reduce puffiness, and promote blood flow to improve your skin’s shine.

6. Protect your skin from blue lights

We may be safe from UV radiation indoors, but when we spend long periods in front of a computer, we are exposed to another unseen monster: blue light. In addition to causing eye strain and interrupting sleep cycles, several studies have linked blue lights to facial hyperpigmentation.

Thankfully, serums containing antioxidant protection like vitamin C and brightening chemicals like niacinamide help erase dark spots and protect your skin from blue lights. Include products with these ingredients in your daily routine, and you’re good to go.

In a Nutshell

A well-rounded beauty regimen always starts with treating our bodies, from how much water we drink to how much sleep we get, and how much attention we pay to moisturize regularly.

These tips add up to making you look great on Zoom calls, and they’ll help you feel confident during any workday, whether you’re in or out of your home office.

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