Skincare Essentials For Tropical Weather

If you are planning a trip to a tropical country or you live there, you probably know what the weather looks like over there.

Tropical regions record high temperatures all year round with lots of rain. Because of the huge amount of rain, the climate is also very humid.

The warm temperatures mean that the air can hold a lot of moisture — as water vapour. Tropical plants thrive in this environment, but a humid climate can be uncomfortable for people, especially if you’re new to this environment.

For holidaymakers, you may not have expected all these, but the sunkissed glow you thought was all that you were going to get in the tropics isn’t all the package.

Also, some people may get oily skin and clogged pores that lead to breakouts. For the locals, they know these shouldn’t spoil the mood as the tropics are a great place for lots of fun and relaxation.

When it comes to the skincare products, brand owners can cash in on the opportunity to have the following skincare essentials produced for them, as a private label product, with their specifications, brand name, and logo.

An OEM cosmetic manufacturer in Malaysia, such as Ori Bionature, is able to assist you on that.

1. Cleanser

Staying in a tropical country means you’ll spend a day or two by the beach, probably basking in the sun. While you’re getting tanned, you should know that you are exposing your body to dirt, saltwater, and pollutants that may cause clogged pores and breakouts.

When you spend time in the sun, additional skincare is needed. Ensure that you wash your face with cold water to cool off the heat, then cleanse with a good foam cleanser. As soon as you can get rid of skin impurities, sweat, and excess oil from your skin, the less time acne can form.

2. Sunscreen

Whether in a tropical climate or not, wearing sunscreen is a must to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. A product with SPF 15 is excellent, but if you want a product that dries to a powder and feels weightless, a product with SPF 50 or more is what you need.

Also, for your added protection against harmful rays, you can wear protective gear to keep you safe as enjoy yourself in the tropics.

3. Moisturizer

The hot weather condition in the tropics causes dry and damaged skin that could lead to skin ageing. Therefore, you need a moisturizer to keep your skin supple and hydrated. But you need to avoid wearing too much moisturizer on oily areas of your skin.

Also, instead of thick moisturizing cream, you can use a lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin feeling light even with all that humidity.

4. Face Mist

Chances are, where ever you go in the tropics, you’ll people spritzing mist all over their face, and you can’t blame them. This handy product does a lot more than hydrate your skin.

A face mist is a nice skincare essential in the tropics as it gives your parched skin a refreshing look and feel. Also, your face mist can work as a toner, setting spray, and serum.

5. Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are part of the package in tropical countries because of the pool of water in the streets and bushes.

Mosquitoes aren’t only annoying, but they pose health risks that could even affect your safety (think dengue) in the tropics. Hence, the need for an insect repellent.

This product will keep the insects away and also save you from broken skin due to excessive scratching of itchy insect bites.

In a Nutshell

Keeping your skin clear, smooth, and healthy in a tropical climate is possible with all the above skincare essentials available in your cosmetic bag.

For cosmetic product sellers and even beauty salons, these products are profitable private label products for brands/businesses that may not have the time or equipment to make their products.

Contact us to talk about your product specifications, and begin to cash in with little effort on your part.

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      I’m sure most people are interested in it too due to the damages that can happen because of the intense direct sunlight exposure!


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