Post-COVID-19 Endemic Trend: A New World of Dietary Supplement Opportunities

Just as the world is beginning to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and new consumer habits are being developed, we have discovered the new trends that are about to take over the existing trends in the dietary supplement industry.

There is no denying that COVID-19 altered our way of life. It’s not just a short-term change in our priorities and habits. Instead, it’s a deep change that puts more emphasis on mental and physical health and uses food and dietary supplements as a change agent.

Today, many consumers use an average of two to three supplement products each week. The main reasons are to improve their immune systems, digestive systems and overall health.

That said, here are the post-Covid-19 endemic trends that food supplement sellers and manufacturers can leverage in the dietary supplement business.

1. Immunity

Even though this trend is quite obvious, it is still important enough to point out. Going forward, there will still be a significant amount of interest in immunity.

It was thought that cold/flu/immunity supplements would make up most of the growth in the supplement market by 2020, and the buzz around new COVID variants will cause consumers to keep putting an emphasis on immune-supporting ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and probiotics.

2. Emphasis on Vitamin D

Ampli-D is a bioavailable form of vitamin D that is being introduced by food supplement manufacturers in response to the growing focus paid to immunity as a primary consumer health issue.

The supplement is thought to be more effective in its function, and it is entering a global market where 88 per cent of people have vitamin D levels that are below what is considered ideal.

3. Focus on Mental Health and Mood

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have reported that they have grown more worried about their health and wellbeing. Many consumers are concerned about their mental health, which places mental health as the number two health issue among consumers.

The mental health support supplements that are now available on the market include components such as adaptogenic blends and (cannabidiol) CBD. These supplements also feature messaging that focuses on providing whole-mind support, relieving stress, and boosting mood.

4. Sleep Support

People’s daily routines have been significantly altered as a result of COVID-19, which has an effect on everything from people’s food habits and physical activity levels to how they use digital technology.

The inability to get decent sleep as a result of these alterations, in conjunction with elevated stress levels, has given rise to the condition known as “COVID-somnia.”

Because sleep affects a person’s general health, including their immune and mental health, supplement manufacturers and sellers have a significant opportunity in the sleep-related supplement market.

5. Gummies and Chewables

The popularity of chewable and gummy forms of vitamins and supplements is increasing, despite the fact that traditional capsule and tablet formats accounted for more than half of the world’s new vitamin, mineral, and supplements released in 2017.

This may enable the whole family to consume, which in turn dramatically increases consumption. Supplement sellers should talk to OEM dietary supplement manufacturers to come out with products of this form to get the most out of this market.

6. Personalization

Expect personalized supplements to be a particularly enticing solution as more customers consider how important it is to support their unique health and wellness demands.

Personalized supplements are a technology-driven method that frequently includes the use of online questionnaires. This makes them an ideal candidate for the growing trend of online shopping. Some supplement businesses have even started providing individualized formulations of their products for children.

7. Solutions based on Tradition

The use of traditional components is becoming increasingly popular. OEM dietary supplement manufacturers are combining different traditional cultural elements with more creative ways to bring something new to this field and maybe target other fields or other benefits that fall under the umbrella of gut health.

Final Thoughts

The dietary supplement market is going through an exciting period right now. Because of COVID-19, more people are becoming aware of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This makes it more vital than ever for businesses to innovate to satisfy the demands of modern consumers, maintain their engagement, and gain their loyalty.

In addition, by working closely with an OEM dietary supplement manufacturer, supplement sellers can help improve the health and wellness of customers in this post-endemic era in a way that has never been done before.

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