11 Muslim-Friendly cosmetics Brands in Malaysia that we NEED TO KNOW

In a country where major cosmetics companies like Benefit, Fenty Beauty, and Fresh Cosmetics are so prevalent, halal makeup brand manufacturers in Malaysia are causing a stir with their eco-friendly and creative products. These independent labels are fantastic since they are often cruelty-free, vegan, wudhu-friendly, halal-certified, and/or vegetarian. These Malaysian Muslim-friendly cosmetics brands utilize only halal, skin-safe, and ecologically conscious materials, so you can use them with complete peace of mind.

1. SimplySiti

A wide variety of skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance goods are available at SimplySiti, which was founded by Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, one of the most famous people in Malaysia. For example, their matte lipsticks come with vitamin E and candelilla wax, which not only give your lips vivid and long-lasting color but also feed and hydrate them. Products from SimplySiti are not only of excellent quality but they have also been JAKIM-certified as Halal, guaranteeing that they adhere to the highest ethical and purity requirements.

2. Pretty Suci

Among the world’s most famous halal beauty portals, Pretty Suci, you’ll find its distinctive lipsticks, foundations, and more! Their matte lip creams are cruelty-free, so you may buy them with confidence. Include the berry (Minah Jambu) hue in your cosmetic kit. You may achieve a stunning color pay-out with just one swipe because the color is very pigmented. You may discover the ideal complement to any outfit because it is also available in five other hues.

11 Muslim-Friendly cosmetics Brands in Malaysia that we NEED TO KNOW

3. Orkid Cosmetics

Creamy liquid lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetics, notably the matte suede series, have become a fast favorite. Infused with vitamin E, these velvety liquid lipsticks give your lips a matte suede look while also moisturizing them for the ideal pout. Adding a beautiful splash of color to your regular makeup routine is easy with Orkid’s selection of highly pigmented neutral tones. In addition, Orkid has been JAKIM-certified Halal, which means it is of the most excellent quality. You know what they say? A well-chosen lip color can make an outfit pop.


The sister-brother combination behind the SO.LEK company is well-known for their inexpensive, cruelty-free, and wudhu-friendly beauty basics. The brand’s name is a pun on the Malay term “solek,” which means cosmetics, and an acronym for “So? ” “Just chill!” Six enthralling crimson and burgundy shades—Anggerik, Dahlia, Seroja, Merak, Raya, and Chempaka—make up their debut Bunga Gang collection. Adding hydration and a subtle matte sheen, these lip balms are infused with olive oil. Makeup lovers now have access to a full suite of products from SO.LEK, as the brand has grown from its humble beginnings to provide a wider variety of lip cream colors, blusher, skincare, and eyeliner.

11 Muslim-Friendly cosmetics Brands in Malaysia that we NEED TO KNOW

5. Obsess Cosmetics

Among the many cosmetics brands available in Malaysia, Obsess Cosmetics is a go-to for matte lip products and other everyday necessities. Hafizatul Atikah has a long history in the cosmetics market, and her company’s primary goal is to supply contemporary Muslimah with the cosmetics they need to maintain an air of timeless grace and beauty. Starting with their distinctive DD Cushion Foundation, this KKM-approved brand has since branched out into matte liquid lip cosmetics, among other things! Their Chocolate Paste Extra Long Mascara adds volume to your lashes in a feather-light formula with a delicious chocolate aroma.

6. Nurraysa

When Nur Aini Zolkepeli was pregnant with her first child, she began her beauty company with only RM500. She went on to form Nurraysa. She started off selling collagen soap, but now her brand is well-known for a wide variety of cosmetics. It has been far from straightforward for Nur Aini, despite her outstanding accomplishments. The Glamorous Lip Matte stands out among the brand’s offerings since it is a marula oil-infused lip balm that hydrates and protects lips from drying out throughout the day. Say farewell to chapped, unpleasant lips and hello to a plump, healthy pout with Nurraysa.

7. dUCk Cosmetics

In response to the tremendous demand for dUCk scarves, entrepreneur Vivy Yusof expanded her business into cosmetics. Lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, lip balms, and glosses are just a few of the many items offered by this brand. The Triple Treat Lip Trio stands out because it combines four luxurious ingredients—sunflower oil, argan oil, shea butter, and vitamin E—that work together to keep your lips soft and supple. This three-piece set is ideal for going from the workplace to a night out on the town, thanks to the deep pink and brilliant red hues.

8. Sorfina Hal

The founder of Sorfina Hal, Hemy Sorfina Halim, set out to make elegant, cruelty-free cosmetics. The company firmly believes that their products should not contain any artificial colors, scents, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or sodium lauryl sulfate. Olive oil is a key ingredient in their lip cream matte, which comes in two shades—a delicate pink called “Yen & Yang” and a rich terracotta orange called “Rand Storm.” These shades work together to keep your lips hydrated and healthy.

9. Sugarbelle

With a focus on halal, wudhu-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free goods, Sugarbelle Cosmetics has expanded rapidly since its 2015 launch to become a top local retail brand. There are a number of lip products available from the company, in both subtle and bold hues. Impressive color payoff is boasted by the pocket-sized Mini Lipcream, making it ideal for touch-ups on the move. If you want to make sure you never leave home without your beauty products, Sugarbelle has you covered with skincare, perfumes, and travel kits.

10. Forest Colour

Forest Colour takes its cues from the verdant Malaysian rainforest and uses only components sourced from nature in its high-quality goods. For those looking for further anti-aging effects, many of their products have collagen added to them. To keep your lips hydrated and looking young, try their Collagen Crystalline Lip Gloss, which has a glossy, silky touch.

11. Breena Beauty

The cosmetics line Breena Beauty, started by beauty blogger Sabrina Tajuddin, is an ode to self-love and beauty. Eyeshadow palettes and precision eyeliners are just two of the many products offered by this firm that may help you achieve breathtaking appearances. Makeup lovers love Breena Beauty because of their commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Embrace Quality of cosmetics with OriBionature

OriBionature’s mission is to provide high-quality, cruelty-free, vegan, and halal cosmetics. Providing beautiful, pigmented cosmetics with the guarantee of halal compliance, these local Malaysian businesses go to great lengths to appeal to the Muslim market. An understated but outstanding Malaysian beauty brand can be your new essential.

To find out how Malaysian cosmetics may improve your beauty regimen with items that are both effective and in line with your principles, peruse these outstanding companies.

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