Eight Factors to Consider before Choosing a Supplement Manufacturer (OEM)

There are thousands of supplement manufacturers on the market today, which makes it hard to pick the perfect one. The process is not only confusing but can easily become frustrating. To help you out we have listed down eight factors to consider before choosing a supplement manufacturer.

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1. Quality Assurance

Private label products can become hard to sell if they do not offer a quality mix, which is why you need a supplement manufacturer that understands the importance of quality. This includes quality materials, controlled environment, and quality check. With this, you can rest assured that your products are not only manufactured using quality materials, but they are free from any contamination, making it safe for use, and easier to sell.

2. Labeling

Labelling is not only pasting a sticker on the supplement bottle as the process requires a great deal of attention to detail. Each word and specification printed on the bottle is your responsibility, as it can come back to haunt you if anything is exaggerated or inaccurate. This is why you need a manufacturer that is updated with all the regulations and procedures.

3. Certifications

If you are looking for a quality food supplement manufacturer, then you need someone who runs a certified facility. This will allow you to display the certified seal on the bottle, and you can easily start selling. This seal ensures that the ingredients used during manufacturing are truly quality and free from any harmful agents.

4. Supplement Packaging

If you are looking into private label products, then you cannot go with a standard supplement packing. You need a custom packing that highlights your company. Keeping in mind how your packing will speak for your company, another reason why you need a manufacturer who can take on such products. Knowing the manufacturer understands your demands and is able to meet them, you need packaging that will catch the eye of current and potential customers.

5. Specialization

Supplement manufacturers often specialize in certain areas, which is why you should make sure your manufacturer offers the niche market you are considering. This will help ensure a level of understanding from the manufacturer so they won’t be shooting in the dark, as certain manufacturers come with heaps of knowledge and experience.

6. Minimum

An important aspect to consider when looking into supplement manufacturers is the minimum order. You can easily ask them for the minimum order, and experience when it comes to stock recipes on hand for similar products. This will help you get a great insight into the matter. Keep in mind that most manufacturers have a 500 to 1000 bottle minimum, so you can budget accordingly. In addition, there are special deals that can help you make the most.

7. Fulfillment

When it comes to ordering fulfillment, only a reliable supplement manufacturer will be able to produce. Start by asking if they offer a storage house, and how long can they hold your product for. This will get you prepared when your order has been fulfilled.

8. Transparency

Supplement manufacturers who offer transparency are the best kind to work with. As there are no loopholes, and you know exactly what is going on during manufacturing. On the other hand, manufacturers who close the door when manufacturing shouldn’t be trusted.

9. Product Customization

 It’s important to choose a supplement manufacturer that can tailor products to your specifications. This includes custom formulations, ingredient sourcing, and packaging options. Look for manufacturers who are experienced in developing unique formulations and can adapt to the specific needs of your target market.

10. Customer Service and Support

Effective communication and responsive customer service are crucial. A good manufacturer should provide clear, timely communication, and offer support throughout the manufacturing process. They should be approachable, easily accessible for inquiries, and willing to collaborate closely with you to ensure product success.

These ten factors are just the beginning. We hope they are helpful and practical in helping you to make the perfect decision when looking for a supplement manufacturer.

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Commonly Asked Questions When Choosing a Health Supplement OEM

When selecting a custom supplement manufacturer, it’s important to understand your specific manufacturing needs, including product requirements and target audience. Assess different fulfillment plans, turnaround times, and the manufacturer’s R&D and quality standards.

Flexibility, long-term strategy planning, and the manufacturer’s experience and story are also crucial factors. Additionally, perform background checks and be cautious of overly cheap options or unrealistic promises. Vitaquest, with its extensive experience, exemplifies a reliable manufacturer in this field.

ORiBionature provides a wide range of supplement packaging options as part of its OEM services. These include various forms such as tablets, capsules, powder or liquid sachets, functional drinks, and more. Each packaging type is designed to cater to different consumer preferences and product requirements, ensuring versatility and customization in supplement manufacturing.

For more details on specific packaging options and services, you can visit the ORiBionature Product Types Suggestion page.

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