Health Supplement Success – Marketing Techniques to Reach Your Target Audience

According to Grand View Research, the health supplement market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% from 2022 to 2030.

An increasing awareness around health and wellness is one of the driving key factors for health supplement and rapid growth of the number of supplement manufacturers in the recent times.

Everyone around can be seen taking dietary supplements to boost their immunity and maintain their general health. Putting a disclaimer at the end of the bottle is one of the norms to be followed for food supplements, which need special care.

The fastest growing and trending food supplement sellers are using various techniques to reach their target audience and get good revenue out of it. Let’s take a look at some of the successful strategies.

Marketing Techniques to Reach Your Target Audience

1. Both Online and Offline

The food supplement should be available OTC (over the counter) and also online to cater to the demand, just like any other consumer good. This will give a sure shot of profit both for the short and long term. 

2. Online Presence

Pushing a customized app for the customers with FAQs regarding the usage of health supplements, guidelines for intake of these supplements, and an option to book food supplements online. An added option can be a scheduler or a reminder about your next purchase. 

3. Product Promotions

Advertising and promoting your products through social media platforms can help increase the sale of supplements.   

This is one of the easily available options. As many users scroll the ads, it is most likely that someone will actually land on the website and purchase the supplements.  

4. Catchy Design and a Logo

Food supplement sellers can use a catchy tagline and an easy to remember logo while packing their products. This differentiates the identity of their brand, and the catchy design can be on the customers’ minds even if they forget the name of it. 

5. Up-selling & Cross-selling of the Products

This technique always gives new thought to the buyer. 

For example, if anyone is buying a pre-workout product, it is possible that the cashier can offer them to buy an energy drink additionally. This small effort can get a few dollars in the box. 

6. Bumper Offer

This is one of the most commonly used techniques to offer something extra to the consumer, like B1G1 (buy one, get one or buy two, get one). Anyone buying a food supplement can get a free product. 

7. Email Marketing and SMS

Sending thanks via email and SMS can make a customer feel good. Also, you can turn the customer into a regular customer by sending him regular emails and SMS messages about product updates. 

8. Subscription Model Marketing

When the email is shared as a product campaign, a CTA button for ‘Subscribe’ in the email can fetch a few subscribers who could be future customers. 

9. Home Delivery

Working population would love opting for home delivery of the food supplement, as almost all businesses have started offering free home delivery or a minimal charge for home delivery of the product. 

This is an effective way of keeping customers happy and getting consistent orders on a regular basis.

10. Standing Out in the Market

Creating hype in the portal or applications for low-cost pricing and high-pricing products. The low prices of the products are likely to catch the attention of the customers. 

This marketing technique can also be restricted to a specific target audience depending on a particular location, age group, women customers, young adults etc. 

Final Takeaways 

Successful marketing strategies to promote health supplements can really be profitable when they are implemented with diverse strategies for diversified categories. 

Additionally, the manufacturer needs to keep in mind all the proper guidelines as per medical councils when advertising these supplements.

For further information on the guidelines as well as other enquiries about OEM dietary supplements, get in touch with ORB, a leading OEM food supplement manufacturer in Southeast Asia.  

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