OEM: Corresponds to An Existing Product

Many (Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs) already make products that can be branded with your company’s logo. Finding the right product that meets your needs and is manufactured by a reputable Malaysia OEM can be time-consuming.

We are prepared to provide the appropriate MOQ based on your budget. We always maintain a good relationship with the founder in this field, among the benefits of going the OEM route.


  • Ideal if the product is already available or if only minor changes are required.
  • Low development costs
  • Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) is an option

Good Manufacturing Practice by Malaysia OEM

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, is a system that ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled by quality standards.

GMP assists in identifying the essential principles of food hygiene and safety applicable within food processing to ensure that all food is manufactured in a sanitary environment.

MS1514:2009 is the Malaysian standard. GMP is a specification established by the Ministry of Health’s Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM) to raise the level of local food producer standards for the production of healthier foods.

GMP certifying bodies investigate whether a company’s manufacturing practices meet market requirements.

To be a GMP certified manufacturer, a manufacturer or food premises must meet a few conditions, some of which are as follows:

  • Malaysian laws and regulations must be followed at all times.
  • Must be registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
  • Employee training
  • Adequate maintenance, cleaning, and sanitation of the company’s equipment
  • The cleanliness of premises, equipment, utensils, floors, walls, and ceilings 
  • External and internal audits, inspection
  • Quality assurance and quality control 
  • Management review and legal requirements

Before your OEM begins manufacturing your products, you should thoroughly research all of the requirements that your products must meet.

In this case, it is prudent to ensure that your product manufacturer meets all of your requirements. So, ask specific questions and go into specifics.

Discuss good manufacturing practices with your OEM product manufacturer. It’s a good idea to make a list of everything you want to cover.

It is your brand, and you should be delighted with how your product is made when it comes to the law. Not only must you follow Malaysian law, but you must also follow international standards if you intend to sell elsewhere.

Malaysia OEM: High product demand in Malaysia

Ingredients by Malaysia OEM

If you want to be sure that the ingredients are safe (of course), look for OEM that has GMP. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is one of the government’s recognition to ensure that the factory is qualified to produce OEM products.

OEM factories must produce 100 percent organic products, according to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). You might want to make your banana milk drinks, for example.

Your preferred OEM company must make banana milk entirely from organic ingredients. Choose these OEM factories to make things easier and safer for you and your customers.

Your company risks being shut down by KKM if it does not follow proper manufacturing practices. The OEM should also conduct product research and development (RnD) to ensure that your products are not only safe but also up to your standards.

This is especially true in Malaysia, where Muslims constitute 65 %, so the Halal factor must be considered. You must ensure that they understand the sensitivities of Muslims because Halal products are preferred by Muslims.

The majority of Malaysian OEM companies will handle this. Choose an OEM company that already has Halal certificates; this will make it easier for you to include the KKM series (NOT/MAL) and Halal logo on your product.

When looking for something to buy, most consumers nowadays look for the KKM series (NOT/MAL) and the Halal logo. If you have a Halal logo and have been approved by KKM, this could be an easy point for you to win your customers’ hearts.


Discuss with the manufacturer how your product will appear, smell, function, and feel. Request a benchmark sample of the final packaging you intend to use.

Before you invest in and order skincare products, make sure you’re on:

  • Formulation’s texture 
  • Colour 
  • Viscosity 
  • Fragrance

Once you’ve agreed on this, request a benchmark sample so that you can tell if the OEM changes anything about the formula.

Size and Delivery Time

Finally, you must consider how your products will be produced and delivered. Would you prefer that the products be produced in batches?

Or would you prefer that they be made as you require them?

In any case, how long does it take to make and deliver them? If you don’t want to wait 3 – 4 months for the next batch, you should be very clear on how much time is required.

As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider before deciding on an OEM for your products. Keep a close eye on all of the details.

We wish you the best of luck as you develop your product brand!

Type of OEM Products in Malaysia

Different OEM products are produced by different manufacturers. Face serum, cosmetic products, and drinks are just a few examples of popular products these days.

If we look at drinks, for example, some of the common types that can be produced using OEM are carbonated soft drinks, juices, yogurt-based, coffee, or tea.

Banana milk and kurma milk are popular options these days, as they are also manufactured by large corporations. To summarise, numerous products can be created for you.

If you want to manufacture goods under your brand but don’t know what they should be, check out Oribionature, which manufactures OEM products in Malaysia.

We are one of Malaysia’s best OEM manufacturers. Perhaps doing so will give you an idea of what you want to create.

The following are examples of high-demand products that Oribionature can produce:


A vitamin is an organic compound that an organism requires in limited quantities as a vital nutrient.

When an organic chemical compound (or related set of compounds) cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by an organism and must be obtained from the diet, it is referred to as a vitamin.

As a result, the term is conditional on both the circumstances and the specific organism. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), for example, is a vitamin for humans but not for most other animals.

Supplementation is necessary for the treatment of certain health problems, but there is little evidence of benefit when used by otherwise healthy people!

Dietary Elements

Dietary elements also known as “dietary minerals” are chemical elements required by living organisms that are not present in common organic molecules, such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.

The term “mineral” is anachronistic because the definition intends to describe ions rather than chemical compounds or actual minerals.

Furthermore, once dissolved, so-called minerals do not exist as such; sodium chloride degrades in an aqueous solution into sodium ions and chloride ions.

Some dietitians recommend that these heavier elements be obtained through the consumption of specific foods (that are enriched in the element(s) of interest), compounds, and, in some cases, minerals such as calcium carbonate.

These “minerals” are sometimes derived from natural sources, such as ground oyster shells. Mineral supplements, such as iodine in “iodized salt,” are sometimes used to supplement the diet with minerals that are not found in food.

Some people practice dirt-eating, also known as pica or geophagy, to supplement their diet with elements. The chemical composition of soils varies according to location.

Herbal Medicine

The use of plants for medicinal purposes is known as herbal medicine. Plants have long served as the foundation for medical treatments, and traditional medicine is still widely practiced today.

Herbalism is recognized as a form of alternative medicine by modern medicine because it is not solely based on evidence gathered through the scientific method.

However, many plant-derived compounds are used as the basis for evidence-tested pharmaceutical drugs in modern medicine, and phytotherapy works to apply modern standards of effectiveness testing to herbs and medicines derived from natural sources.

Herbal medicine’s scope is sometimes expanded to include fungal and bee products, as well as minerals, shells, and animal parts.

Malaysia OEM: High product demand in Malaysia
Amino Acids & Proteins

Amino acids are biologically important organic compounds that contain amine (-NH2) and carboxylic acid (-COOH) functional groups, as well as a side-chain unique to each amino acid.

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen are the primary elements of amino acids, though other elements can be found in the side chains of some amino acids. Essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, and conditional amino acids are the three types of amino acids.

The body cannot produce essential amino acids, so they must be obtained from food. Non-essential amino acids are produced by the body from essential amino acids or during normal protein breakdown. Conditional amino acids are usually not required, unless you are ill, stressed, or have a lifelong medical condition.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are fatty acids that humans and other animals must consume because the body needs them but cannot synthesize them. The term “essential fatty acid” refers to fatty acids that are required for biological processes but excludes fats that are only used as fuel.

Only alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid are known to be essential for humans (an omega-6 fatty acid).

Other fatty acids are sometimes classified as “conditionally essential,” which means they can become essential under certain developmental or disease conditions; for example, docosahexaenoic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and gamma-linolenic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid).

Bodybuilding Supplements

We also develop bodybuilding supplements for OEM customers. Bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements that are commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes.

Bodybuilding supplements can be used to replace meals, promote weight loss, or enhance athletic performance. Vitamin supplements, protein drinks, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), glutamine, essential fatty acids, meal replacement products, creatine, weight loss products, and testosterone boosters are among the most popular.

Supplements are available as single ingredient preparations or as “stacks” – proprietary blends of various supplements marketed as having synergistic benefits.

While many bodybuilding supplements are consumed by the general public, their importance and frequency of use may differ when used by bodybuilders.

Facial & Eyecare

The importance of facial and eye care

Skincare is essential for the following reasons:

  • It keeps your skin in good condition

 Because you shed skin cells throughout the day, it’s critical to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. A good skincare routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin looking great.

  • Your skin will appear more youthful

As you age, the cells in your skin turn over more slowly, making it appear duller and less radiant. Using a high-quality skincare line can assist in the removal of dead skin cells, allowing your body to replace them with newer, more youthful cells.

  • Prevention is less difficult than correction: 

Preventing skin problems is easier and less expensive than trying to fix them later.

  • Customer’s self-esteem will soar as a result of the following:

 When you have better-looking skin, you will feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence.

The importance of eye care:

The skin around the eyes is more delicate, prone to dryness, and shows signs of age and fatigue more quickly. Squinting and constant eye movement hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and fluids accumulate under the eyes, causing puffiness and dark circles. Some of these issues can be addressed with eye creams.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by both sun damage and your skin’s production of less collagen as you age. Collagen aids in the maintenance of skin elasticity.

Skin cream studies show that vitamin C, peptides, and retinol have increased collagen production. Ceramide and hyaluronic acid, which are moisturizers that help prevent water loss in the skin and improve elasticity, can also help.

Here are some products that are manufactured by Oribionature:
  • Anti-Wrinkle Creams
  • Anti-Aging Creams
  • Moisturizing Creams
  • Nourishing Creams
  • Day/Night Creams
  • Face Lifting Serums
  • Whitening Creams
  • Pore Creams
  • Collagen Treatments
  • Hydration Serums
  • Night Repair Masks
  • Boosting Serums
  • Aloe Vera Creams & Serums
  • Stem Cell Serums

Body care and Spa 

Our skin is our primary line of defense against the elements. It’s an airtight and watertight barrier that keeps us safe from the millions of microbes that live in our environment. As a result, if our skin is damaged, bacteria and germs can easily infect us, compromising our immunity.

A healthy lifestyle includes taking care of one’s body and skin. If you devote time and effort to your skincare routine, you are more likely to make healthier choices.

After all, body care is more than just slathering products on your skin to keep it healthy. It also entails eating well and exercising. You’ll look and feel great on the inside and out. It will boost your confidence and make you a happier person.

Here are some products that produce by Oribionature

  • Slimming Gels  
  • Anti-Cellulite Creams
  • Anti-Stretch Mark Creams
  • Scar Treatment Serums
  • Body Moist Creams
  • Body Hydration Serums
  • Massage Oils
  • Massage Lotions
  • Essential Oils
  • Body Clay Packs
  • Facial Clay Packs
  • Body Scrub Treatments
Choose Oribionature (your Malaysia OEM)

We provide all of the services you could require, from research and development to formulation, design, production, and distribution. Everything is in one place, which is very convenient! If our stock isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry because we can also create custom formulas.

As long as you are satisfied, we can offer a flexible contract with full support. Furthermore, as one of Malaysia’s best manufacturers of various products, we promise to provide the best value service to those who want to produce their product

To summarize, there are several products to produce, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is why it is critical to select the right manufacturer and marketing team. Oribionature is the answer if you’re looking for a good OEM manufacturer in Malaysia! Aside from advanced technology, we also have GMP.

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