Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year – Living Coral

Say hello to Pantone 2019, Colour of the Year. Dubbed ‘Living Coral’, it is a vibrant orange-pink color with some gold tones that will energize your life this year. The idea of picking this colour is to change the mood of 2019.

The Color of the Year was chosen after a serious analysis on the color trend. Living Coral is optimistic and joyful, and it enhances our life experience and reflects what is taking place in our world culture today.

In fact, the extensive color trending research done by Pantone Color Institute saves you countless hours of marketing research for your own business. In December, when the new color was announced, cosmetic manufacturers and sellers should definitely look into how it can be incorporated into their business.

How Can You Incorporate the Color of the Year Into Your Business?

The color of the year is meant to be used for consumer products and design created for clients. Some cosmetic brands add the new color to their collections and became the pioneer in adopting the latest trend.

The color of the year can also be used for marketing and rebranding purpose. For example, you can create ads with the new color, but keep in mind that you don’t need to change your logo or brand colors as it might confuse your clients.

You can also use Living Coral for your visual marketing design on social media, this way you can get extra and unexpected exposure.

Creative Ideas

Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate Living Coral in your business:

  • Design clothes and garments in Living Coral tones
  • Ask your Cosmetic contract manufacturers to create a Living Coral collection for you
  • Create cakes and desserts in Living Coral shades
  • If you are a graphic designer, you can create templates or social media graphics using Living Coral
  • Homemade products and decorative prints can also incorporate Living Coral
  • Interior designers can suggest decorative Living Coral pieces to their clients
  • Merchandising companies can offer Living Coral products.

Without a doubt, the color of the year announcement is very exciting, especially for the beauty industry because it influences major trends in color cosmetics. And this year color is much more wearable when it comes to beauty.

Coral pink is very flattering and it can easily be worn from day to night, and of course, in every kind of makeup. Here at Ori Bionature, we can produce related cosmetics according to this colour, so your cosmetic business can rock the market with the trendiest colour.

Regardless of your skin colouring, the consumer can use this distinctive and multifaceted coral color. Consider this:

  • Fair Skins: stick with softer corals and peaches.
  • Olive and medium skin tones: get away with any shade of coral makeup.
  • Dark and deep skin tones: wear brighter corals and tangerine shades.

There are some coral cosmetics that will work for all skin tones and undertones, for example, peachlite, which is an amazing color base for literally everyone. It will give you a peachy glow.

The latest trend in eyeshadows is opting for a coral hued eye, which is so much friendlier and flattering than pink and rose. This year all consumers should definitely have an array of various gradients of corals, peaches, and pinks handy.

To create your Living Coral collection, contact your Cosmetic OEM product manufacturer and talk about the different options for your brand. You can select the colors that are closest to Living Coral and develop new products in that color.

It’s a good idea to promote your collection with inspiration from the Pantone Color of the Year. You can even partner officially with Pantone to use their logo and color chip images in your marketing.

So are you ready to incorporate Pantone Color of the Year in your cosmetic brand?

Feel free to contact us for free consultation.

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