What is the Colour Trend of 2023?

The modern lifestyle demands bright, expressive colours to help people distinguish themselves. WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the universal colour system, worked together to reveal the important colour trends for 2023.

These colours will bring a splash of cheerfulness, peace, and eagerness to look forward to. In this regard, cosmetic manufacturers can leverage this information to design products and packaging that influence purchase decisions.  

These colours include:

  • Luscious Red
  • Dark Oak
  • Jade
  • Honeycomb
  • Orchid Flower
  • Digital Lavender
  • Sundial

1. Luscious Red

A contemporary individual who takes pride in their outspoken nature would do well to wear luscious red. There is no question that the use of this hue may help produce makeups that make a statement.

While this colour is already popular among cosmetic products, especially for lipsticks, it is still worthy of mention because this colour trend will remain popular in 2023 and beyond.  

2. Dark Oak 

Brown will continue to be essential due to the challenging economic outlook and the necessity of a delayed fashion creation cycle. This was mentioned by WGSN’s prediction of the expansion of brown and observation of the colour’s escalation in recent seasons.

While this is certainly the case in the fashion sector, it is equally relevant to the world of cosmetics. On a variety of different product packaging, the dark wood grain will look great and draw people in. 

3. Jade

The presence of a blue undertone in jade lends the colour a feeling of serenity and stability, making it an ideal choice for use year-round. Jade is considered a classic mid-tone.

People say that the heart chakra is connected to jade, which is a highly valued material that is also thought to represent knowledge, bravery, and equality.

4. Honeycomb

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, honey has been held in high regard throughout history. This appreciation dates back thousands of years.

We would want to present the honeycomb hue as we gain more knowledge about the role honey has played throughout history and how it has contributed to the preservation of farming and the environment for future generations.

The hue is suitable for use in a variety of cosmetics products, including creams, body lotions, and more.

5. Orchid Flower 

If you want to give this magenta tone a new spin, think of employing glossy, shiny, and reflective materials. Orchid flowers can offer you a great deal of digital attraction, especially on social media.

Also, you could utilize this colour to your advantage when advertise on social media. Additionally, this amazing colour works well for your makeup and attire.    

6. Digital Lavender

The colour digital lavender is pretty, and it may be used in a wide variety of cosmetic goods.

The pastel lavender will bring out softer tones that blend with subtle arrangements, and the lavender sequins will give you a new take on dance and risqué by combining digital escape with reality.

7. Sundial

You’ll notice that the most popular interior design elements that are influenced by the warmest colour trend for 2023 lack earthy and neutral tones.

The Sundial is a stunning colour combination consisting of gold, brown, and beige that has the potential to look great in any application.

Sundials could be used as a design element in a number of cosmetic products, such as bronzers, powders, and lipsticks.

Final Takeaways

Many of us have experienced a situation in which we were mysteriously drawn to a brand or product but were unable to explain why. In this regard, colours play a significant role in determining whether a person likes or dislikes a brand or product.

As a result, cosmetics brands may capitalize on these colour trends for 2023 to better target customers and impact their purchasing decisions.

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