Asian Makeup vs Western Makeup: How do they differ?

Beauty is a concept that is familiar to people all across the world. However, what beauty entails vary from one culture to the next.

This is to suggest that what certain parts of the world believe to be beautiful is not necessarily what other parts of the world consider to be beautiful.

Hence, cosmetic manufacturers and private label manufacturers strive to meet the needs of users from different regions by developing products that are unique to them.

This is obvious in the clear differences between Western and Asian beauty standards. Westerners and Asians are two very distinct types of people with very different perspectives on beauty standards.

Continue reading to learn more about these unique beauty standards that govern both Westerners and Asians.

Western vs. Asian Beauty Standards

1. Tan Skin

Unlike Asians, Westerners believe that tanned skin is a symbol of beauty. It indicates that you are rich since you can afford to take a trip and spend time in the sun. Tan skin is also seen as a trait that can make a person appear young, trim, and healthy.

2. Big Eyes

Like their Asian counterparts, Westerners find large eyes appealing. To keep their eyes looking wide awake and open, most ladies try to imitate sparkle and roundness.

3. Slender Nose

When compared to Asians, Westerners aren’t particularly concerned with the contours of their noses. They do, however, enjoy a narrow nose that is proportional to the rest of their face.

4. Full Lips

In Western cultures, this feature has long been regarded as a beauty standard. Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner are today’s trendsetters when it comes to showcasing their full, lush lips.

5. Sculpted Jaw

While the oval-shaped face remains popular in Western nations, most people prefer square-shaped faces. This is because a broad and sculpted jawline can improve the look of one’s smile.

How Western vs. Asian Makeup Differ? 

a. Face

To obtain a dewy look and bright, vibrant skin, most Asians will use a lightweight foundation. One of the most popular aesthetic trends nowadays, particularly in East Asia, is “glass skin.” It makes your skin appear so smooth and poreless that it nearly appears transparent, hence the name.

Westerners like a matte foundation to look professional and mature. To maintain mattified skin, they also utilize powders and blotting sheets. Furthermore, they make an effort to disguise any flaws in their appearances, such as dark spots and unsightly eye bags.

b. Eyebrows

To obtain a more youthful appearance, Asian women’s brows are frequently drawn and filled in in a straight line.

Dark-coloured brows with a sculpted arch for definition are common in Western trends. This results in a bold appearance.

c. Eyes 

All an Asian lady needs to make her petite eyes pop is a single sweep of colour from an eyeshadow pallet and a thin, winged eyeliner. Some Asians even put eyeliner around the waterline and wing it downward to create the appearance of innocence.

Most Westerners like a smoky-eyed appearance. They frequently utilize darker colours on the outer corner of the eye to enhance depth and a sultry appearance.

d. Cheeks

Just like the eyes, light peach or pink flush on the cheeks is sufficient to retain the highly desired radiant look that most Asians desire.

The sun-kissed glow that you can get from the sun is appealing to Westerners. As a result, they use bronzers to impart colour and liveliness to their faces.

Finally, a highlighter is used to complete the effect. Sharply chiselled cheekbones are also attractive, which is why many Westerners purchase contouring powder.

e. Lips

For a natural and moisturized look, Asians prefer to keep their lips light but vibrant. Baby pinks, glossy corals, and cherry red are popular lipstick colours. In Asia, a popular beauty trend is the gradient lip look, which involves concealing the lips and applying a tint to the inner part of the mouth.

People in Western nations choose matte or semi-matte lipstick finishes, just like their base products. The colour varies according to personal preference. Some choose to keep it basic and nude, while others prefer to wear strong, uncommon colours such as blue or black.

In a Nutshell

As you can see, Asian and Western makeup have their differences. Each has its own story to tell. Regardless of your beauty standards, bear in mind that there are a variety of makeup techniques from which to pick to match your facial features and personal tastes.

Also, if you are considering sourcing cosmetic OEM products for your beauty business, ensure that you understand the needs of the users in the region you’d be supplying your products.

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