7 Steps to Becoming A Product Owner Through OEM Malaysia

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you’ve probably considered becoming a product owner through factory OEM Malaysia, which translates to “Factory OEM in Malaysia.” This article will walk you through the steps to becoming a product owner. Finding an OEM factory is just one of them.

OEM advice #1: Don’t rush the completion of your product

Find a GMP-certified OEM factory as your first step.

GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturer Practice,’ and it means that the certified factory has been approved by a government agency to meet OEM production guidelines. The main benefit is the assurance of quality. Producing in a GMP-certified factory will also make it easier for your product to obtain MOH approval, Halal certification, MESTI registration, and cosmetic registration (NOT).

You may waste time, energy, and money when applying for such approval if your factory is not GMP certified. Producing products without such approval may expose you to legal action if something goes wrong.

You may waste time, energy, and money when applying for such approval if your factory is not GMP certified. Producing products without such approval may expose you to legal action if something goes wrong.

Oribionature is a Malaysian-owned, GMP-certified Factory OEM Malaysia factory. With an in-house R&D team, we guarantee only the highest quality products. With our experienced staff, we can even assist you in developing your concept. ORiBionature typically requires a minimum order of 1000 units for a custom formula. Most businesses in this industry would require a much larger order to begin work. However, at ORiBionature, we can provide you with some flexibility because some of the formulations can be manufactured for as little as 500 units and even less! Contact us and we will be delighted to find an appropriate formulation at an affordable price for you!

building a brand for oem product

OEM advice #2: Have a solid marketing strategy in place

Do you have any experience working as a drop shipper, stockist, or agent for any product? If you answered yes, you are probably familiar with marketing.

However, you will need more than that to become a successful factory OEM Malaysia product owner. To ensure sustainability, you will need a marketing strategy that includes several well-understood systems.

Simply put, a marketing strategy outlines your company’s objectives, including who your ideal customers are and how

you intend to reach them. It is your strategy and the blueprint for the marketing activity you will undertake in the coming months and years to help your business grow. A plan is necessary because it provides a consistent foundation for your work and holds you accountable. What you need to do maybe in your head, but writing it down and defining it commits you to carry it out. It provides you with something to show the people involved in your marketing activity to help them understand your company and its target audience. It’s a well-structured document that outlines your company’s mission, goals, and what sets it apart from the competition. It explains who your customers are and why they use your products and services. Your strategy establishes a clear framework for reaching this target audience, including information on planned activities and communication methods.

OEM advice #3: Establish an online store

Online shopping has become the norm. Having a website aid in the automatic closing of sales. Data is collected during user registration, and payment can be made using an FPX payment. Check that it is set up to accept credit cards. 

There are a few reasons why OEM manufacturers should establish an online store.

i) Direct contact with customers

The benefits of the DTC (direct-to-consumer) business model are well known among B2C brands, but B2B companies in the manufacturing industry benefit as well by selling directly through their website rather than through distributors. Particularly by:

  • Maintaining higher profit margins
  • Gaining more control over brand representation
  • Ensure that optimal pricing and discount strategies are in place.
  • Customer data collection for personalization
  • Customer loyalty can be increased through on-brand retention campaigns.

Simply having access to customer data opens up a plethora of possibilities for growing your business. You can use direct customer feedback for product development in addition to leveraging those insights in your sales and marketing strategies.

ii) Opportunities for creativity

You can create unique value propositions by understanding how your customers shop and what they value in their suppliers. Feedback from equipment end-users, for example, can tell you which add-ons or modifications to prioritize.

Procurement data can indicate when specific parts are due for replacement, allowing you to pitch an early delivery to the buyer. Feedback from sales representatives and support agents can suggest ways to improve after-sales services, such as implementing better delivery schedules, improving warranty, or broadening the scope of installation/training services.

iii) Opportunities for creativity

Ecommerce significantly expands your order processing capacity without the need for additional distributors or sales representatives. Items that do not require customization can be sold to buyers immediately without the need for in-person contact. Furthermore, you can easily enter new markets and even sell cross-border. 

OEM advice #4:  Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Automate your social media so you can stay on top of any new leads. Social media can be used for a variety of purposes, including branding, promotion, and public announcements. You would need to run several campaigns at the same time for these various purposes. If you do not respond promptly, your lead will lose interest, resulting in a lost sale. As a result, automation is required.

These are the ways to automate your social media.

i) Investigate social listening tools

Numerous social media automation tools can be used for social listening. Social listening is essentially the process of monitoring what people are saying about your brand or industry online.

You can see brand mentions across all platforms in one place using automation tools. You can also follow specific keywords, topics, or hashtags to see what’s going on in your industry. Furthermore, social media automation tools can be used to track your competitors’ social media activity. What’s the most recent news? What exactly are people talking about?

Finally, social listening tools can assist you in developing ideas for social media posts or even product ideas.

ii) Start making use of chatbots

Chatbots are another way to use social media automation tools. Chatbots can be used with platforms such as Facebook Messenger to automate marketing, provide customer support, and enhance the customer experience.

You can, for example, create automated or suggested responses to customer questions or comments. When a customer inquires about your business hours, for example, your chatbot can respond automatically. You can also use a chatbot to notify customers that you will respond to them within a certain amount of time and provide resources. Finally, a social media chatbot should assist customers with minor issues while escalating larger issues to a human.

iii) Gather insights from multiple networks

The majority of social media automation tools offer analytics that can be beneficial to your social media strategy.

After using and connecting these tools to your social platforms, you can use the analytics to determine the best time to post, for example. You can respond to questions such as “When does my audience interact the most?” and “What is my engagement rate?”

One significant advantage of automation tools is that you can obtain analytics such as impressions, reach, and engagement across all of your social media platforms in one place. These reports make it easier to compare a campaign’s success across different platforms.

iv) Come up with content curation ideas

Although not all automation tools offer content curation, a few do. This means you can select industries or topics in which you believe your audience will be interested. The software will then curate content for you to share and post to your social media platforms.

Some automation tools may help you draught a social media post; however, these should only be used as a starting point. All of your social media posts should be written by you. Furthermore, using the tactics mentioned above should help you get to know your audience better, allowing you to generate more content ideas.

v) Communicate with your audience

One of the most significant advantages of social media automation tools is their ability to help you engage with your audience across multiple platforms in one place.

You can use this software to track brand mentions, replies, and messages. With all of this in one place, it is easier to connect with your audience and assists your team in responding on time.

vi) Maintain consistent scheduling

Consistency is one of the most effective ways to gain the trust of your followers and improve your online presence.

You can keep a steady queue of posts going by using social media automation tools. This allows you to plan ahead of time and devote more time to creativity rather than time-consuming posting tasks. You can also use this software to schedule posts in bulk. Many automation software programs can be used to input and schedule a spreadsheet of posts.

These are just a few of the most effective ways to employ social media automation tools. A human should, however, continue to interact with the community and plan creative, exciting content.

OEM advice #5: Google Ads and SEO are Required

oem product (skincare)

These are crucial aspects of your branding. Google is used by everyone for everything from queries to problem-solving. According to one statistic, 80 percent of Malaysian users use Google for this purpose.

You can increase your conversion rate by making your website easy to find. The average conversation rate per 100 visitors is 3-8 percent. This equates to 3–8 people. As a result, if 1000 people visit each day, 30-80 of them will buy. Using Google Ads and SEO to boost your website’s ranking aids in product sales and brand building.

6.  Data Collection

Use tools like Google Trends, SEMrush, and Moz to identify keywords that show how people search for items using specific terms. In Malaysia, the Malay language also contributes significantly to traffic. This could help you improve the way you communicate your brand to your target audience and customers.

7. Canvas for Business Marketing and Business Plan

Layout your business plan and create a business canvas to identify the strengths in your business, which are yourself and your resources, as opposed to others, to identify what sets you apart from the competition.

This allows you to highlight your strengths, giving you an advantage over the competition.

So, now that you know what it takes to own a brand, are you ready to take the first step? Today, OEM with ORIBionature.

ORiBionature is one of Malaysia’s leading cosmetics OEM and ODM, serving ASEAN and international markets. At ORiBionature, we use cutting-edge technologies to create a diverse range of cosmetics from new biological and natural materials.

We are committed to bringing innovative and cutting-edge products to our customers for the global consumer purchasing market, in collaboration with our experts in dermatology technology and sciences.

Our experts are determined to deliver the highest standards to each customer from the initial stages of development, including product research and development of the product itself, to packaging customization, as well as all areas of graphic design and print, right down to point logistics to ensure your product is received and launched successfully to your expectations and vision within a short turn around time!

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