Why should I buy from ORiBionature?

OriBionature is offering a one-stop solution center from the initial understanding of your product requirements to yours and/or our dedicated R&D in creating the intended product.

This is followed by OriBionature’s in-house manufacturing of the products, ensuring quality is adhered to in every aspect of the product.

As our honored client, OriBionature assures the marketability of the product as OriBionature will obtain all the necessary healthcare regulations and licenses for your awesome solutions!

And also, as OriBionature monitors the entire production value chain, hence, there will be no intermediary costs to external parties.

Thus, this means any cost savings are then passed on to our honorable clients such as you! That being said, it will further ensure your products are priced competitively in the market!


Where does ORiBionature sources its ingredients from and are such ingredients safe for consumption?

OriBionature has a super strict policy in vetting the key active ingredients for our honorable clients such as you!

All of our suppliers are licensed and comply with the best practices!

To provide the best key active ingredients for our honorable clients plus you, these key active ingredients are sourced globally.

OriBionature has streamlined the entire tedious process by liaising with the relevant health authorities, all the way to handing over the products to our clients such as you to the designated distribution network.

This way, our clients will only need to focus on their core activities! Further increasing their(your) ROI!

How can I be assured that my products are made according to the proposed ingredients?

Each product that’s made by OriBionature comes with a unique Certificate of Analysis!

The CoA will tell you the exact ingredients that are included in your products!

OriBionature assures that any testing of the product that is conducted in an independent laboratory will produce a report that will be in compliance with the Certificate of Analysis!

How reliable is your R&D team?

At OriBionature, we have a dedicated full-time R&D team!

All of our R&D personnel are qualified chemists, nutritionists, and pharmacists with an average of at least 3 years of experience in their respective fields.

In addition to the robust OriBionature’s R&D team, all the products that ORB will be manufacturing undergo a series of stringent healthcare evaluations before the products are even licensed!

Is ORiBionature a member of any healthcare certification body?

Definitely! ORiBionature is super confident in ensuring that the products that we manufacture for your brand are safe for consumption by your customers! As such, ORiBionature constantly strives to be better than yesterday! Currently, ORiBionature is certified by Good Manufacturing Practice 1 & 2 (GMP), Halal Jakim, Ministry of Health/Kementerian Kesihatan, HACCP, MESTI, ISO 22,000, U.S. FDA, and the list goes on!

What is the operating track record of ORiBionature and what are the referrals and/or products that are being manufactured by ORB?

ORiBionature has been in the contract manufacturing business for more than 10 years and counting! To date, we have help thousands of small to big brands to create their awesome products!

However in line with the industry norm, we are required to maintain the confidentiality of the name and products of our clients, hence you won’t easily get to see all the brands that have collaborated with us!

What is the minimum order or purchase?

Generally, ORiBionature requires an order of 1000 units for a custom formula. Most firms in this industry would require a much higher order to commence work. But, at ORiBionature, we can offer you some flexibility as some of the formulations can be manufactured for just 500 units and even lesser! Contact us and we are very delighted in identifying an appropriate formulation at the right price for you!
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